I Got A Story To Tell 
Lines by: Ra-Tea, Rockers own lyricist

I don't listen to no love song/ 'cause every love song/ sounds like a sad song/
'cause in my life I never had a date/ And the day I most hate/ Is the one that

Mid morning dreaming

   Best Friend's Girlfriend


the valentines celebrate/ With all love on this day I usually get hate/ Last year
I spent the day in anguish/ I was with ma men Kesh/ His pockets full of cash/ Wanted
to buy gifts for his girlfriend Munash/ Went to the finest shop that don't sell trash/
Its called the Splash

He bought a huge card, roses and all the rubbish/ Candies, toys and every thing
I considered childish/ Then I thought about a girl livnig in my neighbourhood/
A pretty young girl looking so good/ Dark in complexion and tall she stood/ We got along
fine so I thought I should/ Buy her a card to brighten her mood/ Took out ma pen wrote in blue/ Told her roses are
red violets are blue/ Concluded with the popular word I love You/ Put it in the envelope
no stamp no glue/ Took it to her home near the railway station/ Hoping this time
I will join the celebration

But different to my expectation/ I ended in a lousy
situation/ 'cause the girl sent back a small pad/ And it said/ Thank you for the
card/ But I can't be with you today/ I got a boyfriend I can't betray/ I ain't turning
you down don't get me wrong/ Be strong find another girl and move along/ All I did
was shake my head and frown/ Felt like e windless balloon/ And celebrations went on/
Me the only one turned down/ Went home feeling so alone/ But I will never give up till
I get one! I'm out!


Title: Mid morning dreaming
Lines by: Ra Tea

I was chilling in the sitting room/ In a bit knocked-off mood/ 'cause I'm an aquarius by the sign/ And I read the horoscope column/ In the paper this morning/ The astrologer said things ain't gonna be fine/ So I turned up Brandy and Monica's Boy Is mine/ To get me back in the line/ My head was aching/ I took a dose of aspirin/ On the sofa I decided to resign/ Closed my eyes listening to Brandy and Miss Thang/ Then Monica started to sing/ For You I Will/ That's when I fell asleep and started dreaming....

I was in the club with my home boy Charlie/ I wanted a cutie/ To dance to a slow jam with me/ Then I saw a pretty one/ Dressed up so fine/ Her hair tied by a blue ribbon/ I decided to make a move to her/ But when I got close to her/ I realised she was crying in anger/ I asked her/ Do you actually cry/ When the music takes you to the sky/ She looked up at me surprised, no deny/ And when she spoke her voice was so rich / I came here with my boyfriend Rich/ But he made a switch/ To another girl glamorous she looking a peach/ All i did was smile/ 'cause I could smell victory for a while/ Its easy to win a girl's heart/ When she is in misery of some sort/ I told her stop sobbing and be smart/ If he took another girl you can take another boy/ She said no Boy/ Rich is the fifth boy/ Now I go rest my mind/ Honest boys are hard to find/ I said don't quit/ Tonight's the night/ You have met your own Mr. Right/ she said I don't understand what you are talking about/ I said the boy you are`seeing infront/ Is the one I,m talking about/ You have been inhaling now its time to exhale/ and this is your only chance/ So come on let's dance/ And I straped my hand around her waist/ But before we started to dance/ I felt a tap on my shoulder/ someone yelling my name even louder/ I turned around with anger/ And the sleep was gone.....

A fat figure stood over me/ It was my mom screaming over me/ "Take your boots off the sofa!"/ I was like gosh! it hasn't been a good day so far

Copyright: Rockers Magazine 1999 


Title: Best Friend's Girlfriend
Lines by: The Dramaphile

I lived life of too much rejection/ And loneliness, nearly drove me to frustration/ finally I took refuge in ma homies girlfriend/ I code name her X hope you won't mind/ Quite a dish and cool of a kind/ a wet dream teaser the best you can find/ Her boyfriend was my best friend, he trusted me most/ Alwayz on business traveling a lot/ A serious guy very intelligent/ used to pay everything for X including the rent/ But she needed affection more than the rest/ Whenever she tried she couldn't get it/ The guy was busy day and night/ Thinking about raising his profit/ For stories and jokes she liked me most/ And she took an advantage of it

One day I went to her crib to watch some movies/ We sat side by side like virgin butterflies/ We were licking lollipops/ Popular by the name of chupachups/ Then she did something/ I couldn't even imagine/ she snatched the lolli I was licking/ Thrusted it into her mouth, and hers into mine/ I acted cool but I saw the sign/ She wanted me to start playing/ Then my mind started tripping/ And without knowing/ I grabbed her end we started kissing/ We fell deep in the loving/ We intended to keep it secret/ But people sensed it/ Word got to the street/ And my best friend heard it/ He didn't even ask me about it/ Turned cold on me and I felt guilty/ A month later/ the girl sent me letter/ Saying its over/ 'cause my good sense of humour/ Couldn't take care of her/ She needed money to move her around/ What goes 'round comes/ I betrayed my friend/ Now I'm dumped/ With no one to run to....Love is a funny thing

Copyright: Rockers Magazine 1999

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