Name: Abdalla Ramadhan "Dulla"
Position: Point Guard
Achievement(s): Best Player Super Cup 1998, Best Basketballer 1999 (TASWA)


Dulla's basketball history goes back to 1989 when he was enrolled in Rangers basketball team of Zanzibar. His father was the manager of the team. But his aspirations rose higher after the 1991 UMISSETA games, and soon after finishing school, he joined Lakers basketball team also of Zanzibar. It was at this stage that he was forced to extra training in order to meet the challenges of his team mate Juma Baiya. Baiya was the Lakers' point guard. He however secured a permanent position by outfitting Baiya and moved on to become top scorer of the Nje Cup tournament in 1993. 

After being exposed to the mainland league, he ws attracted to Vijana "City Bull" of Dar Es Salaam. In 1993, Dulla joined Vijana and he has been with the team ever since.

Abdalla Ramadhan "Dulla" was born on October 3, 1975. He started playing basketball when he was little boy. But it took him years of hard training to secure a permanent position in Vijana Basketball team.
Dulla owes much of his success to his former team-mate Rahim Kipingu. "Rahim is fast, good ball handler, snitcher and a good finisher" he says. Loti Cheyo, also of Vijana is his admiration when it comes to defense, but still, Rahim is his best favourite. On court Dulla admits that he has to stretch hi muscles when they face Don Bosco. "They are tough and challenging" he says. Dulla is very proud of his father who recruited him into the game. He gave him a lot of moral and material support. He urges younger players to train hard and try to move a step forward each day. on top of that, they should not forget that parents play a big role in one's success. "Getting involved in basketball can save the generation from bad habits like drug abuse" says Dulla. He believes he is not the best but he keep on training until he reaches the peak. "I just decided to play basketball, you too can just do it".