Title: The Art Of Thinking

Unquestionably/ This will go down as the deepest/ The Benchwarmers ever spit/ Emotions deep rooted in poetical stance/ Fantasies aside/ Let the truth advance/ Lets face the facts/ Nobody been hated this much since Jesus of Nazareth/ For being prophetic dealing with nature's evil inhabitants/ I wonder why my peeople wish for me/ Hunger/ Ill health and all sort of mysery/ Probably/ They want to see this name wiped off this world's history/ Time to balance this hate for real/ Making it both sides mutual/ Watch the suspects as usual/ Let the blood flow like its menstrual/ I see the malicious intent cats mad/ Now X is fully content/ S... ya thought I intended to get this far/ Kept my game at par/ from the days of rocking all black PE T-shirts/ Shades and all that/ The Nikes I rocked/ Moved with the force of delta/ Took flights above the haters/ Distinguished/ The character hard to digest/ I know that/ Took a vow to never give up and never settle for less/ Tired of these Tom Dick and Harrys/ All looking and acting the same/ Set off on my first mission/ To let these N... know my name/ Studied the money game/ Never rush took my time with it/ Went to school with it/ The palyground even ate my food with it/ No time to turn your back when you knee deep with it/ So by the end of 1993 I was raedy to ahead with it/ Half a decade later its quit N...? I'm through with it/ These cats try to run away with it/Thats cool tell me though/ Can these cats really get with it?/ And if no why they hate me for being triumphant with it/ I watched the streets watching me go fron an amateur to a vet/ Throw w pound for lotto to heavy night casino bets/ No more dry throat/ Went from lemonade to moet/ From X the unknown to respect from cats I never met/ Now who's real?/ You or me?/ Went from Sumitra to a child with Amie/ Skinny N... to chubby/ Brokr in Dar to stacking dough in Derby/ Still in all stayed the same/ still out for cheddar/ F... the fame With KBC ruling the 
game/ Beef with the Benchwarmers/ Call the name ...WHAT

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