Rockers magazine has its roots at Sokoine University of Agriculture, 
Morogoro, Tanzania. One day towards the end of the year 1997, The 
Dramaphile, one of the original founders of the magazine, was waiting for his thesis to be corrected by his supervisor. He had atleast a week of  boredom. To getaway from this, he reviewed an album called Conspiracy, by the hiphop group Junior MAFIA. He published under the title of Hiphop Review. Early 1998, The Dramaphile, The Seer, Mac Steven, Oliver Mwikila and The Prince all graduates of SUA decided to start a music magazine. 

The first Rockers Issue

The idea was to do something constructive while hunting for jobs rather than sitting and waiting for new jobs to be advertised. A series of meetings gave way to a company called Fortune Media, registered on July 1998. Two months later the company registered a magazine called Rockers. The first issue came out in December 1998. The magazine became Rockers, The Home Of Talents in May 1999 and on August it went online. The site was re-designed in December 1999. Now the site is destined to be a weekly online magazine.

General objective
To offer news and information on entertainments, tourism and environment.

Specific Objectives
1. To promote boost the economy of our country Tanzania through promoting tourism
2. To identify and promote talented Tanzanians in various disciplines
3. To conduct researches and offer practical solutions on matters related to AIDS, drug abuse and environmental degradation.

It might sound odd that graduates of agricultural sciences started an 
entertainment magazine rather than a farm. But Rockers is our true calling as agriculture is our profession. Just like Tracy Chapman. She is a graduate of agriculture but music is her true calling!

The Dramaphile, The Seer, Anthony Keya, Oliver Mwikila and Mac Steven.

EDITOR: Albert Msemembo

CONTRIBUTORS: The Dramaphile, The Seer, Eric T, Ramsey Thomas, Mahfudh Nassor, Anthony Keya, The Prince, Oliver Mwikila and Mac Steven.

WEB DEVELOPER: Shija of AfricaOnline

Rockers magazine is also undertaking a number of projects. These projects have a common sociological foundation. We at Rockers belive in sociological theories that:
1. Human nature is essentially good 
2. Things do not happen haphazardly, to every thing there is cause and its effect. We use these facts in identifying, and researching about a problem in hand.

PREACH Education (Promote Righteous Environmetal And Community Health Education) Project/ Swahili Version: SEMA (Saidia Elimu ya Mazingira na Afya) kupitia Rockers.
This is Rockers' project on AIDS, health and environment. It is an awareness campaign against AIDS, drug abuse and environmental degradation

Lets READ (Lets Revolutionise Education and Attitude Development)/ Swahili version: TUSOME (Tokomeza Ujinga Saidia Maendeleo ya Elimu) project This is Rockers project on education. The aim is to sensitize the youth on the importance of education

STREETS Children (Strive To Re-direct Education & Entertainments To Street Children) / Watoto Wa Mtaani
This project aims at bringing street children back to school

Consultancy is offered under ASK project (Attitudes Skills and Knowledge Project). This is commercially oriented. It involves Rockers team and professionals in various fields. Any individual with a research problem can contact Rockers and pay a reasonable fee. Areas of research include ecology, entomology, environment, sociology, arts, music, sports etc.

Audio and Video production