Click on the images below to see the enlarged picture (Pictures by Richard Mwaikenda). Bonyeza kwenye picha hizi ndogo kuona iliyo kubwa zaidi.

slim1.jpg (30103 bytes) Slim
CBM Suit, exclusive wear for the new generation (Age 20 to 50)
slim2.jpg (40372 bytes) Slim
CBM street wear for men.
slim3.jpg (44288 bytes) Sarah
CBM evening dress. Wear with classic shoes ' Attitude.
slim4.jpg (38473 bytes) Sarah
CBM sports wear for ladies. Track suit, not for training but rather for night club life or beach wear.

khadija4.jpg (37642 bytes) A long strapless velvet and shiffon evening dress with revealing waist and legs. (Outfit for Miss Tanzania 1998, Basila Mwanukuzi) khadija2.jpg (37069 bytes) Kitenge evening wear: a skirt with sideway strings and a matching top with strings at the back.
khadija3.jpg (34777 bytes) A batik pedal push with sideway straps and a matching top sport wear or at the beach casual day wear.

Model: Noela Mwailolo

khadija5.jpg (30697 bytes) Batik shorts and sleeveless blouse with a front pocket (casual day wear) to the market or a friends place  shopping)
khadija1.jpg (29669 bytes) A Kitenge short sleeved shirt with low bones buttons.