Artist: Ahmed Dola aka Dola Soul 
Music: Enlightening hip-hop
Status: One of the earliest serious MC's in Tanzania


Dola Soul has been in the rap game since 1991. He was influnced into the game by an MC called Naudeen, then in Lagos, Nigeria. Naudeen was a member of the group called "Hiphop Crew" which was made up of breakdancers and MCs. He says it is Naudeen who taught him the basics of emceeing and recording business.

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Dola's main influence has been the legendary MC Rakim whom he calls a greatest MC to ever bless the microphone. At the same time he used to listen to music by rap groups like NWA, A Tribe Called Quest, Black moon and EPMD. In 1991, Dola started composing his own rhymes. At the same time he used to listen to other MCs like Gangstarr, KRS-1, 2pac and LL Cool J. He spent time practising and perfecting his style and preparing for onslaught. 

Back then then, he says, it was just for the fun, no money was involved. "It took me sometime to come out because I happened to be studying and preparing for my final examination. Education to me, comes first, it is the key to life" he says. "When I came back to Tanzania in mid 1993 the hiphop scene had grown and I was watching from behind the scene. 

I didn't stay for long, I went to the UK to take an advanced diploma in computer studies for two years and on my return I got married to the rap game". He did his first single, 2 Of A Kind with Saigon of the Deplowmatz. Later Dola Joined the Deplowmatz and they released an album called The Deplowmatz, released on September 1997. The album sold 3000 copies.

Dola soul has also participated in various projects by other artists. He appeared on Mr II's Ndani Ya Bongo (Blaah Blaah, Ndani Ya Bongo, Black Queen)and Niite Mr II (Kila siku Kila Mwaka, Sema Nao Dangerous Mindz).

Dola and Mr II have formed a company called Kwetu Entertainment, whose goal is to promote local talents in Tanzania, especially in the field of rap and R&B. This is based on the fact that for many years artists have been exploited and many of them happen to have "fame but no apparent fortune", nothing really to show for the work they have done. He says they are going to use their popularity to help promote other artists in recording their works and publishing through various channels in and out of Tanzania. According to Dola, year 2000 NI MWAKA WA KUSABABISHA!