Balozi Wenu An Upcoming 
From AHMED DOLA aka Dola Soul
Production line up: Master J/ 
P-Funk/ Dola Soul
Guest appearances: Mr II/ 
Mr. Paul/ Saigon/ Imam Abbas/ Kay

Balozi wetu (Our Ambassador) Dola soul has one big mission in his life. That is to represent his people through the most powerful medium of speech, hiphop music.
"To me hiphop is rhymes, rhythm and poetic realistic literature expressed by a poet in a  peculiar form to identify a certain culture"  he says. Balozi wetu is Soul's first solo album. It contains ten tracks that include the hit single Piga Bao (feat. Saigon), Binadam (feat. Mr II), Mpaka Bas! (feat. Mr Paul), Love Injection (feat. Kay) and Keep This In Mind (feat. Imam Abbas).
"I have been working on this album for six months. I have finally the opportunity to give my people and the world a dose of Balozi's mentality and philosophy" says Soul who togather with Saigon are the members of rap group Deplowmatz. Balozi Wenu concentrates much on economic hardship, poverty and uncertain future facing the youths of today. "I was born to provide solutions and bring forth resolutions" he says. In the track Binadam Soul gets a bit religious urging the people that the answer to their problems is God. "It's time we changed our lives for the better" he says. But its not all about problems in Balozi wenu. People are promised good time in the track Mpo Tayari (kupata good time). Most of the tracks in this album are in Kiswahili language. "wherever I go on this planet, I'll always represent the thoughts of my people, ideas and views and speak on their behalf. I stand for the truth and visions of better tomorrow using my language Kiswahili and English as a seond if the need be" finishes Dola Soul.