Lines by: The Dramaphile
Title: All You MCs Can't Touch Me!

I'm hearing wacky MCs shout/ Their vocal chords taut/ Nothing real they talk about/ At the mic they just vomit/ I think its time I send them out/ And let the real ones do it/ So get on the run before I split/ Your head, your neck and your chest 'cause my tongue is sharp like a maasai spear/ I can see you dying in fear/ When you hear I'm near/ Your eardrum is what I aim to tear/ See your mom shed a tear/ As I attack you from front to rear / Face the wrath of the lyrical python/ Get blown, thrown into the trash can/ 'cause my vocal is strong/ not mild like peptang/ And I move on/ Ripping MCs see the chests open/ Pieces get lost in this lyrical typhoon/ Ain't nobody can hold me down/ The lyrics tycoon/ Specialised in industry called hiphop/ I never flop/ Anything I flip goes to the top/ And I won't stop/ 'Til you all drop/ Try to get up/ Get blown up/ by the lyrics I pump

In the battlezone:
  Dramaphile you are weak!

  Ra Tea Face the Wrath

Penzi Halichagui


  KBC The Benchwarmer

  K Singo Where You At?

  Right AT The Top

  Join The Battlefield

The law of gravity I defy/ Thats why I fly high/ I can touch the sky/ You all crouch when I start to fly/ Like the Supa Dupa Fly/ To the top of the world where I stay/ Try to touch get me get swept by my tongue/ End up in the hiphop morgue/ You mouth sealed with glue/ 'cause your time in hiphop is long overdue
And You Can't Touch Me! I'm Out! 


Title: Dramaphile you are weak! (Retaliation)
Lines by: Ra-Tea

Hey you Dramaphile/ You seem to be rough, no class no style/ Stone faced with no smile/ No woman can talk to you even for a while/ Pretend to be tougher than a whale/ You are weak and you stale/ You are only fit for a garbage pile/ The law of gravity you say you defy/ That's a pure lie/ Only Mike Jordan could fly/ So don't even try/ We'll stramp over you like a housefly/ You will fall and die/ And nobody will cry / Wanna send people to the hiphop morgue/ That you can't do/ 'cause you ain't true/ Lyrically we'll paralyse you/ Despise you/ Damage you/ Leave you in blue/ Stay out for good 'cause you ain't true/ Get out of this game if you wanna remain the same/ You will never get fame/ This game ain't for the lyrically lame/ Thrown into the acid tank, you will dissolve/ Burnt by fire from a chinese stove/ Stay out for good you got no nerve/ Your tongue is not sharp its blunt/ Your head isn't right you smoke blunt/ You better quit/ To the psychiatrist you better be sent/ This game is only for the sane/ Not for the hopheads like like you!

Copyright: RockerS Magazine 1999



Title: Ra Tea Face the Wrath
Lines by: The Dramaphile

Hey yo Ra Tea/ You pretend to be stronger than Chinese tea/ While you are cheaper than third grade tea/ You irritate me like a flea/ You are the pond I'm the sea/ Your name sounds the funniest/ Of you were in the MAFIA they would call you the rat/ All you deserve is a ratta-tat-tat/ Perish at once no need for a second visit/ Lyrically you are dead you ain't got the spirit/ Soon you will start to rot/ Let the flies have a feast/ You'll be burnt to roast/ Other weak MCs will follow the suit/ Your body will be sent/ To the hiphop furnace face the blast/ You think I'm insane/ At college I made a big name/ A star in every game/ Best student in Maths and Chem/ Top student a the end of every term/ For your information I got style/ Check my life style/ I dring Ginger Ale/ Dance at theclub with my girlfriend Meshell/ She uses products by Coco Channel/ There ain't no more to it!
Coptright: Dramaphile 1999


Jina la tenzi: Penzi Halichagui
Mtunzi: Juma Ally

Nipo ndani ya jahazi napandisha tanga/ Tupite toka bongo tuvinjari mji wa Tanga/ Kutoa ujumbe kwa walimwengu wasiwe wajinga/ Wote waume na wake walitupenda hapo Tanga/ Sisi wasanii mimi na Anthony mtanga

Muelewe nyie vidudu watu wajinga wajinga/ Kumpata msichana wa haja kwangu kawaida kwenu Tanga/ Amenipenda kwa kazi yangu ya sanaa, mrembo Mwatanga/ Jinsi nilivyo kimaumbile na kuto-tangatanga/ Umalaya sitaki kutafuta wanawake Mara Moshi na Sumbawanga

Sitaki tabia chafu na aibu, nitawapa kauli wangu wanga/ Sitaki uvaa UKIMWI, sipendi kuteseka kutanga tanga/ Mara Bugando KCMC Muhimbili kwa Dr. Kiwanga/ Na kupigwa danadana niacheni nitulie na Mwatanga/ Namwona kama tunda la peponi komamanga

Nikiwa Dar es Salaam Tabata Kimanga/ Nafikiria jinsi ya kumuenzi Mwatanga/ Mtutete, mtupige vita, moyoni amejaa penzi letu changa/ Ukweli na uwazi twapendana kama mama na mtoto mchanga

Penzi halina shule, linachanua na kustawi si kwa waganga/ Hutoka mioyoni mwa wapendanao, si kwa kulazimishana kwa mapanga/ Halichagui Mluguru, Mrangi wala Mchaga/ Mkristu, Mwislam, Mzungu wala Mmanga/ Ni zawadi tuliopewa na manani wala si vibwanga

Nampendea macho anapokula kungumanga/ Furaha moyoni nitizamapo shingo ya upanga/ Maziwa madogo kifuani kama ngumi ya mtoto mchanga/ Pua iliyochongoka kama ncha ya upanga/ Sura isiyoonesha huzuni akiwa kwenye matanga

Amenipenda tunapokuwa chumbani tumevaa khanga/ Yeye hujifunga shingoni nami kiunoni najifunga/ Mtaonea kuku kwa vile nyie vipanga/ Hii yangu ni nzito anga/ Nafurahia maisha kwa vile ubavuni kwangu kuna Mwatanga/ Mtoto wa ki Tanga/ Mwenye asili ya kimanga/ Wote nia yetu kutotangatanga/ Ili kulienzi letu penzi tamu tamu kama tunda la peponi komamanga

Copyright: Juma Ally 1999/ RockerS Magazine 1999.



Title: KBC The Benchwarmer
Lines by: K Singo

K Singo/ This site's under construction/ We are building/ Shielding all the fake MCs feuding/ Witj styles so vile/ Colour of bile/ Like chewing chloroquine and trying to smile/ I will make "1" run for mile and dail/ 999 on line/ Like Common and Sadat/ I' still getting mine/ So fine/ Lyrically there will be a world war III in the vicinty/ If any pappy can't see/ It being a priority/ To educate our generation to be/

That geographically/ Hiphop is located in your mind biologically/ Manifested physically in the nervous system to react chemically/ You know the synapses are creating electricity/ For the mental to transpose the message mathematically/ Gets me thinking simply/ Thats the way it is supposed to be/ We are gonna teach them our country's history readily/ Embarass Wazee thinking hiphop is their number 1 enemy/ This is the beginning and the end/ Like Nas said/ All about the hole on the ozone layer above Jeru's head/ N... need to go the journey that Ramson led/ When King Kikkii resurrected in 1999...nuff said/ Favourite group still Kwanza/ Foundation's always been strong/ To hold the nation/ And nations/ The journey has been worth it/ But long/ Proved evrey Mu@#$$^$##@ wrong/ And I'm gone/ Playing worldwide on every station is the next stop/ Heads can't cope/ But like sisal/ Kwanza be the country's next cash crop/ Still top/ Why you still thinking Kwanza's year when you know its time to loose hope...yo/ You betta stop/ Coming off with tracks phatter that Baobao trees/ i freeze.../ Wait a minute/ Give me a second while I sneeze.../ right here where we please/ OK I freeze MSc to minimal degrees/ So please squeeze these terrible facts in their euligies/ Wondering why these suckers are still on their knees/ Like Boyz II Men they are 7.30 so I breeze/ Through a sharp turn/ Its only now they are beginning to learn/ It's no more who you are/ All about how much you earn/ I yearn for the mic so I can speak/ Like a nymphomaniac yearn for a #$#^/ I stick it to your head like Big X said/ Still enjoying the album like Zomba and his heard/ Word to big bird/ Not flying higher like Makanga when the joint hit his head/ So love peace/ And im '99/ Strictly no hair grease and I will be back on that word!!
Copyright: K Singo 1999


Title: K Singo Where You At?
Lines By: Ra-Tea

Dr. Beat number two/ Isn't that you/ Its long time now/ Since I last heard from you/ I last saw you at the BBQ/ Now word is out/ On the streets people are saying that/ Gone is your rhyming talent/ so you decided to beat it/ You were benchwarming it?/ Did it get too hot?/ You can no longer sit on it/ Now you have decided to quit/ Keeping out of sight/ Your lips tight/ Thaaat's riiiight!/ you typical shout/ Now where you at?/ London Toronto or the former Soviet/ Is still Kwanza Unit/ Or Kwanza to quit/ Used to call yourself KBC/ A graduate from MTC/ Singing Human Tangle at a party near the sea/ Exposing your under shots for the people to see/ That's how you became a top MC/ Suppoted by Big X Rhymson and Mocee/ You were a valuable MC/ Now your lyrical prowess is gone/ Your grip at the mic is gone/ Your words no longer shine/ And you sensed right/ No doubt/ you had to quit/ Before somebody threw you out/ Now where you at!?


Title: Right AT The Top
Lines by: Matukio Chuma

I'm always going to shout/ My rhymes coming about/ Education I give out/ Nobody can knock me out/ I ain't gonna stop 'til I get the votes/ People appreciating my sweet hot poems/ Seeing you in the pace with summer dress/ No need to keep tight 'cause you can't keep me in a rush/ Getting ready with no fears/ Facing those who make others shed tears/ With poison I turn all them to faeces/ Killing all boasting pythons/ Leaving the world with good shining MCs/ Filling the world with my impressive writings/ Ladies keep shouting/ Keeping me smiling/ You can keep fighting/ But I ain't gonna stop shouting/ Making funny things not sunny beats/ I'm giving great tips not sad s.../ On the small sheet I drop my little tips/ Rocking your your head lamenting my words/ Sending my message to all RockerS fans/ Using my energy dropping simple sentences/ Being proud of myselt in the world like this/ Teach others good banishing bad things/ Going upin actions not in words/ Resisting all typhooons becoming poetical tycoon/ As sun keep shining/ I keep blasting/ My lyrics making difference in the world of competing/ Strong never beaten/ By those who try blasting/ I'm determined to be a king in the Battlefield/ No one to bring me out like money bid/ Staying in the game making lyrical feed/ You better go out 'cause its time I come in/ The time for me to shine making people smile/ Me gaining fame for you its a shame/ Staying right at the top/ You can't make me stop/ Its time to rest my pen always I'm right at the top!
Copyright: Matukio Chuma 1999.



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